Projects for Social Good

Project Name: Let’s find missing child “KHOZO”

Project Overview:

Thousands of children and women go missing every year which destroy half a million lives. With project KHOZO, a missing child and women can return home with the help of stream of artificial intelligence based facial recognition.

  • Model help parents and police department to find missing children or women (reducing manual human efforts).
  • An online service equipped with face detection and recognition along with other information to find missing children or women.
  • Develop a mobile application to find missing children or women, so that public will use it and click pictures wherever they find any suspicious / missing child or women and upload the pictures to the KHOZO server.


Children are future of the nation whereas women safety is as much needed for nation’s positive growth in all the aspects. The nation where children are not safe and women are in danger all time is in doubt to have good economic as well as social growth. So as, for goodwill of children and women, project KHOZO is aimed to get the missing child or woman back to their home.

With this humble initiative of project KHOZO, any suspicious child or woman can be easily identified and get back to their home without putting much human efforts

  • Parents or Family member of missing child or woman, Police department and the person who spot the missing or suspicious child or women are the major users of the module.
  • The person who spot the suspicious child or woman somewhere will immediately capture the photo as the face of the victim can be easily spotted and upload the captured photo on the KHOZO app or web module.
  • The module will match the uploaded photo with registered one which is provided by either parents or family member of the victim or by the police department where the FIR is registered for missing victim.
  • The module use AI based Facial Recognition algorithm to match the two photos and also it train the feature of the uploaded data of victim photos for matching.
  • The module is available as android app as well as the web module. The administrator of the module handles the data as well as module’s functionalities.

Project Name: Skill gap analysis from Current Job Trends & Job Recommendations

Project Overview:

Huge gap is there between required skill sets and available skill sets into to current market for a particular job opening.

  • Model dashboard will provide job trends on current job openings based on skill sets.
  • It also will provide number of jobs for a particular skill.
  • Skill set required for a particular designation i.e. Software Developer.
  • Number of jobs by different cities and different years of experience.

The second phase of the project is to help job hunters by recommending jobs based on their skill sets.


There is an iconic difference between available skills and desired skills in specific job opening. The recommendation module is developed with the aim of to help the job hunters by suggesting them the job according to their own skills as well as the desired skills by the job opener.

The module dashboard shows the latest job trends and their desired skills along with number of matched jobs as per the candidates learnt skills. The job skills and designation varies according to various cities and organizations as well, which ease to the candidate to find the desired and required jobs along with their own skills, city and company as well.

This help to ease the job hunting efforts to the job hunters; also to the academic organizations to find the current skills trend so as to include them into the course curriculum to develop the better students crowd. This also helps to the professional organizations to find the exact match of their job along with skills requirements.