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How to recruit from Aegis?
If you are looking to recruit truly world-class talent, Aegis graduates can provide outstanding data science, business analytics, big data, machine learning capabilities, diversity, and professional experience that will make a real difference to your business.
Recruit for permanent, project or internship opportunities
Get connected today to top talent from Aegis. Whether you need to recruit for permanent positions, projects or internships, Career Management team is here to help you find the brightest students and alumni at all experience levels. Aegis’s Career Management Center is your "one-stop shop" for all of your recruiting needs.
Career Management Center
Tap into Aegis School’s world-class talent. Recruit high-caliber personnel for employment, short- or long-term assignments. Write to us for more information about the recruitment and internship processes to, we will assist you with:
- Campus Recruitment
- Off campus on company premise Interviews
- Internship
- Consulting Assignments and Research project
- Project work
Who are you looking for?
- A recent graduate: Aegis has candidates with zero experience to 25 years of professional experience.
- A middle & senior level manager or executive: Tap into the ranks of seasoned Aegis alumni providing strong, innovative leadership to companies worldwide to benefit your organization.
- A part- or full-time consultant: A growing number of Aegis students and alumni are interested in pursuing flexible work arrangements. Find candidates for special projects, part-time assignments or interim executive positions across multiple industries and functions.
- Key skill Areas: Data Science, Business Analytics & Big Data, Statistics, Machine Learning, deep Learning, NLP, visualization, R, Python, SAS, Tableau, NLP, Hadoop, Spark, SPSS, IBM Watson, Business Intelligence using Cognos BI, IBM InfoSphere Big Insight, Marketing analytics, Financial analytics, Social Media Analytics etc.
Recruit our students and alumni
Tap into Aegis School of Business's world-class talent. Recruit high-calibre personnel for employment, short- or long-term assignments.
Write to us:
Recruitment Process:
- Request from the Recruiting Organization: Aegis has candidates with zero experience to 25 years of professional experience.
- Pre-Placement Group Interview: You may conduct a pre-placement group interview and presentation at Aegis.
- Stage 1 Short Listing at CMC: CMC will get the response from the students, and after short listing selected resumes will be sent to the company.
- Stage 2 Short Listing: The Recruiting Organization will shortlist the candidates to be interviewed further based on their own criteria.
- On/ Off Campus Interview: The final selection rounds could be held on Aegis campus (all the facilities for conduction of the interviews and tests would be provided by Aegis) or the company premises.
- Final Selections and offers.
Aegis Career Internship
Aims and Objectives:
The aim of Aegis’s career internship opportunities for students is to provide practical work experience that bridges the gap between the classroom and professional worlds and articulates an understanding between theory and practice in the discipline. An internship experience allows students an opportunity to apply the knowledge, theories and skills acquired through their education. The internship program encourages students to develop professional skills in their chosen career field by providing valuable work experience needed in today's competitive economy.
Benefits of Internship:
Improvement of a student’s understanding of the application and practicality of theory and principals of his or her chosen discipline. Complementation of the academic component of development through exposure to new topics in an external atmosphere. Exposure to the realities of the employer-employee relationship and preparation for an effective post-graduation experience. Encouragement of development and maturation of a student to help him or her achieve a more successful, rewarding, and meaningful life.

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